Thursday Night Lights

Friday, August 29, 2008

Woo Hoo!!! Jacob and the Pflugerville Freshman Panthers won their first game of the season against Leander! What an awesome experience. Our friend Daegan is on the Leander team and played almost exactly opposite Jake. It was maybe a once in a lifetime experience, but we had lots of church family show up to root both of them on. Awesome Awesome! When you view the pics you can see our cheering section (we all cheered for both teams.

A GREAT BIG Thank You to Laura C., Gino, Earl, Melissa, David, Audra, Ethan, Dan, Sarah, Grace, and Jesse for showing up to support our young men!!!

Totally by chance, someone else was using their flash while I took this shot--Cool eh?! There are too many pics to post here on my blog so I'll furnish you 2 links to the 2 different photo galleries I made. This one is a regular html gallery: and this one is FLASH: So- if you want to right click and save any of them you'll need to view the html version. If you want copies that are printable size, though, email me or leave me a comment and I will send you links to full size photos.

Jacob (78) and Daegan (51)

Back To School!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wow! It's here already! Caleb is starting his Junior year, Jacob is a FRESHMAN!
and Nate is now an official Middle Schooler! Where has the time gone? Well, we had a fabulous summer filled with sun, fun, and friends, so now it's time to get back into a routine of learning--me included! I started my Microbiology class today. I can tell already that it's going to be fun and challenging. My instructor is great. She really seems to love what she does and she is really organized and conveys things well. We made our own "Petri" dishes today. It's started to all come back to me when I entered the classroom. There is just something about the smell of the lab that reminds you of all the bunsen burners, loops, and Agar medium. We had a once over of the syllabus and what to expect and then moved on to a quick overview of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. This is going to Rock!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have always loved sewing, but my projects take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I am really proud of Caleb for finishing that Birdie Sling purse for me in 2 days! Nevertheless, I used to make (and sometimes still make) scrub hats for people at work. It is highly addictive to look through the fabric stores and pick out fun fabrics for hats. I think making purses and bags might become just as, er satisfying :) I found the fabric that the camera strap was made from and I may have to make a camera bag or some other kind of bag from this. I LOVE the colors and design. (Wish it was available in scrapbook paper, too!

Awesome Camera Straps

Jessica Sprague offered a contest to win one of these cool camera straps a couple of Photoshop Fridays ago during the Shazam Tutorial.

These are so cute! They are made by Natalie Putnam - owner of "Cotton Candy by Natalie" on Etsy. It is a great way to personalize your SLR with a yummy new accessory!

Natalie Grant Concert

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really quickly...(my boys are hovering over me waiting for me to watch a movie with them) The Natalie Grant Concert was Awesome!!!

Her opener was Lyndsey Kane:


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Awesome! I ordered the fabric and the pattern for the Amy Butler Birdie Sling and Caleb made it for me for my birthday! Happy Birthday to me :P Bob's gift was my Canon Digital Rebel XTi-(He's loving the fact that this counts all year long :)) My Mom got me an awesome set of Bare Minerals, I got a sweet note from Grandma Pierce, a lunch invite from my Sis, and a Natalie Grant Concert from my sweet Jake! Don't forget loads of hugs and kisses from Natester!

Back from Vacation

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Trip to San Antonio was awesome! We were in dire need of a break!

Nope, that's not Bob in the middle. Our Goliath is continuing to grow!

Our vacation wouldn't be complete without a stop at Starbuck's for a treat!


Love this one :D

Am I raising a Bouncer?

Wooooooo HOoooooooooooo! (We had a little bit of Rain)

Only $12 in "Whack a Mole" for this Gigantic Sonic :)

Family Dinner at Hard Rock

It took a while for me to relax and be able to soak up the family time, but I got there eventually. We had a condo that had no windows in the bedrooms, so we were able to just sleep like babies. We spent one day at Fiesta and a couple seeing the sights and watching movies. I had fun playing with the settings on my camera, too.

New Find

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am REALLy having to resist beginning a new/old obsession. I went ahead and purchased the Amy Butler pattern for the sling purse, but now I see two more fabulous designers and their Yummy work. I was surfing Elizabeth Kartchner's Blog and I saw several cute ideas and these designers:
Sandy Henderson and her "Ginger Blossom" line of fabric and Heather Bailey and her lines. Simply Delicious! It make me want to create my own stuff to see all their beautiful work. Of course, it also makes me wish I had some little girls to sew for, but for now I can just enjoy the 'eye candy' :D

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well, I haven't posted for awhile because I'm not sure how personal I want to get on here. But here I go.

The last 2 weeks have been KILLER! Working 4 twelve hour shifts per week is crazy enough but then add life to it and Kaboom! You have CRAZY!

Last week began with the Quest recap and straight on back to work. Honestly, the days and nights are a blur. My kids are home and bored stiff and I have heard a few times how they would love to go right back to Quest. They wish it were about 3 weeks long :D
Last week I knew I was completely exhausted when I slept 12 hours on Friday night and then 14 on Saturday night. I missed church; I was feeling down....... like waay down. I told a friend that I had not felt that bad for years. I prayed a lot and my husband consoled me as much as he could. My boys are surprisingly sensitive and compassionate. After I slept so much and had several conversations with friends I could feel the fog lifting and I am so grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness in answering my prayers and supplying for all my needs.

This week has zoomed by in its own blur. I have been trying to keep up with 2 websites and some pretty time consuming changes on them while working another week of 4 twelves. I was only scheduled to work 3, but I got asked to work Wednesday night to get them out of a jam. I acquiesced and postponed my lunch with a friend I've been wanting to spend some time with and postponed a meeting to start redesigning our church's website.

I hung around the hospital to wait for HR to open so that I could buy some discount Schlitterbahn tickets and had breakfast with my coworker/friend. During the breakfast my sister called and said,"Bad news, we're not going to Schlitterbahn"--she went on to say that she was at the hospital and had been there all night and that she was about to go in for emergency surgery. You can bet I was shocked! I told her that I wanted to come down there and she told me to just go home and she would call when she got out of surgery. Her poor husband was exhausted and he was going to try to snooze a bit and they would call me. So--I went home and couldn't really sleep. I think I dozed off around 10 and then she called around 1 or so. I tried to go back to bed at 3 but only slept until 5 and it wasn't continuous. Needless to say, I called my work at 5 to see if they could put me on call or something because I felt as if I had been hit by a truck. Mercifully, they put my on call until 11 and when Bob got home I went to bed. I woke up at 9 and decided to just go on in to work.

I called my Sis to see how she was doing and she said she was all settled in at home and was having only minimal pain. She is so sweet, she was all concerned about Natie not getting to go to Schlitterbahn and the boys being sad that they didn't get to see each other. I told her I would bring them all and come see her in the a.m.

Once I got off work I waited until 10 working on websites to hear from her and then made plans to sleep for a few hours and then head down. I didn't go to bed until noon and then Jake was waking me up every hour asking me when we were leaving. At 3 I finally got up and took a shower and we headed out to get gas, flowers, and dinner for Heather and her crew.

Surprisingly, I did not get a headache and had a nice time with her and her family and Aaron & Addie & McKenzie came over, too. Before Aaron's family came over, Heather & I took the kids to the pool and we relaxed and watched. Later, we watched the Olympics opening and had Pizza and hung out. It is so cool to see it in HD! McKenzie is so cute when she walks!

Once we got home I fell asleep at about midnight--I can't even believe I made it that long--and I woke up around 3 or 4 today (Saturday). Now I can't sleep and it's about 2 hours until I need to get up for church. C-R-A-Z-Y

Oh well, I have another week of 4s and then------VACATION!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Jake and I are going to the Natalie Grant concert on the 21st, too!I am so excited! It's his birthday present to me (I have to work on my birthday-I traded it so I could have the 21st off :D )

I'd better try to get a few winks in before church.

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