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Monday, November 10, 2008

This has been an incredible 2 weeks in many ways.
The usual running uphill on an escalator pace has really started to affect my family and after talking with my kids and realizing a few things I have decided to finish this semester and then put of school indefinitely. It is a hard choice and it is an easy choice. I am very relieved and I KNOW it's the right choice.

The day before I left for my Mom's, Bob and I had started to discuss it and on the airplane I was able to really read "The Age of Opportunity". I had begun to read this book 2 years earlier, but not really at any great length. On that plane, the Lord began to reveal some truths to me about who I am called to be. Who it is that I am called to disciple and minister to. While nursing is a high calling in itself, being a mother to my 3 boys and a wife to my husband IS the highest calling of my life. In the scope of eternity, getting my RN isn't even on the map. The realization that I only have a year and a half left before Caleb will be a high school graduate added to the poignancy of the choice. Yes, I did think that I could do it all. --Yes, I still could do it all---but at what cost? The sacrifice is too great to continue, it is time to get back on the road that the Lord has first ordained for me 16 years ago.

That being said--when I returned from my trip, I immediately had an exam to retake, lectures and labs. I went to school on Wednesday to take the exam and about an hour and a half into the test, I did some calculating and decided that I wouldn't be able to improve my test score by completing 3 more hours of essay--so I opted to opt out. When I asked the testing center staff to shred my papers they looked at me in disbelief and then told me that my husband had left a note. Apparently, I was so focused on the exam that I had not noticed him coming in. I read the note and found that fter Bob dropped me off for my retest, the van broke down 2 blocks from the college. I had already gone into the testing center and begun the test, so he couldn't reach me but by walking back and leaving a note. I called him and he was still waiting for the tow truck. So, it was fortuitous that I had decided to scrap the test.

While we were at the mechanic's waiting, I called my supervisor and told her my decision and she was very concerned and empathized. She then informed me that she had just been discussing the new positions for the expansion with our Director and that they were going to have an 8 hour day shift available now!!! I could hardly believe it! God is so amazing the way that he paves the way without us even asking. It is a real confirmation that the change is His will. Praise the LORD!!!

Now that this weekend is done, I only have 2 more night shifts!!! I am feeling relieved already. It will be so great to be a day person again! I will do 12 hour day shifts until my class is done and then switch to 8s in December!!

Patricia Komara

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