Office Project 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In February I discussed re-doing the office with Bob. My clients come in the front foyer and we either use the studio or go on to the formal living room for a print consultation because I don't want to take them up to the disaster zone that is our family room and my office is a little area up there. (See picture) month Bob and I decided that it would be better to share an office. This started a cascade of ideas for me and my friend Haley has an amazing talent for design and finding awesome deals.

This is my Current Office Situation:
                                 Walking through the family room over to my office space:

And this is what Bob's Office looked like:

 So the task begins- remove the beadboard and trim....

And Now the Painting!


Hold on...back up a second..there's a story that goes with this :)

Funny Story...
I bought a Groupon for a painter for one room back in February. Now that the crazy season is over-
I picked a color for the office by holding a piece of my scrapbook paper up to the wall. We went to home depot, realized the paper was at home, picked a color from their swatches, and bought 2 gallons of paint.

I came home from work yesterday and immediately declared it "The Wrong Color"

Back to Home Depot we went...

The next day and Several hours later with a lot pf help from Caleb-and a lot of sweat... It's the right color.


Now for carpet removal and trim painting!

I am shopping around for pricing, but I'm in love with the Pottery Barn Bedford Collection $$$$$$ :(

I'm hoping to find something more in my price-range, though.