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Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Getting Healthy Update

Wooo Hoooo! I am officially Under 200 lbs. TODAY! NEVER GOING BACK THERE!
19 lbs. down, 64 to go!!!

I see that my last post was February 27th- I am Happy to say that I have lost 7lbs. since then and Bob is COMPLETELY on the wagon now! Amazing- I am so thankful to the Lord for Bob's change of heart regarding exercise and eating. He is saying to me daily that he is noticing that buffets and fast food are losing their appeal due to the work he knows is involved in shedding off the extra calories from eating there. Yay!

At first, he was steadily losing just by walking a little bit and only minor changes to his eating habits, but once the first few lbs. came off and he kept looking forward to seeing the numbers decrease- he found himself fitting in more and more exercise. Now he walks during his lunches PLUS he walks 2 or more miles from the bus towards home until he is picked up. If he doesn't do that he walks 3 miles at Lake Pflugerville. Since gas prices have gone through the roof recently, we are grateful to have the track around the lake that is close to our house.

I was starting to get shin splints after running at the lake, so I figured it was time for some new shoes. I did some online research and found a New Balance style that is made for stability and doesn't bend in the middle. I have orthotics, but the right shoe makes all the difference for my flat feet! My friend Suzanne gave me her expert advice to ice, massage, and stretch. I had been soaking in the hot tub or in the bath tub and that was the exact opposite of what I needed- So Thank You Suzanne!

Last Thursday I was able to run continuously for 1.5 miles at the track and then keep a good interval pace up and complete the route in 38 minutes! I am so excited to see progress and the 10K that is 2 weeks away seems doable!

I need to take the time to do the weight training on my alternate days- so that is a goal of change for me.