Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have not had one moment that is not spoken for, but I want to reattempt to get this blog thing going again.

Today I took Jake and his friends to Starbucks on the way to their house for a sleepover. I was talking to the boys about this year's youth camp and asked them if they were excited. They asked me if I was doing the T-shirt design again and I told them that the theme this year is 'Recharged'. Jonathan said- "Why don't you use an energy drink can for the design?" BRILLIANT! That was such a FABULOUS idea!

I am so excited about working on the Quest T-shirt for this year! I had begun working on a first idea for this year's T-shirt about 4 days ago and ran out of time. Caleb has some SERIOUS Photoshop Skillz! He did the work on the realistic looking drink can while I worked on the design. I think it may end up with lightning bolts behind it. It also still needs the Scripture reference and some other minor details.
So--here is what came of that conversation:

Now--this is not going to be the T-shirt FOR SURE-because this year I am sharing this fun with Erick--but I think it's a great start even if it doesn't make the cut.