Resting Heart Rate

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

According to Wikipedia an average adult female's resting heart rate is about 75. Mine is 118 right now. I have been 'resting' on the couch after waking up about an hour ago and it's kinda weird to have your heart beating so fast. This has been happening sporadically since I started school. Last week I had a really great week filled with sunshine, hope, and time with my hubby--I think it happened twice. Previously, it was happening almost every day. This week I am only working 2 shifts. I was hoping that that in itself would prevent this from happening.

I have talked to several people who have shared that they have experienced a similar symptom at certain times in their lives and made lifestyle changes to control this.

I am looking forward to not working nights. I think that asking my body to switch back and forth and go without sleep or normal sleep patterns is messing with me.

I will keep you posted on how this resolves. The biggest thing you can do for me right now is pray for me.


Jenny said...

I hope this ends up being nothing and resolves quickly! I'm praying for you!

Jana Eubank said...

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