Of Laptops, iPhones, and Digi-ness

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fry's has got to be CRA-SEE! I Love that I have a 5 YEAR warranty on my laptop that also provides a loaner laptop when mine's in the shop! This is the 3rd time this year I've had my laptop in the shop. It might be the final time. IF that is the case--I get to keep this Brand-spankin-new one! SHINY!

In other news...Caleb is waiting anxiously for his new (refurbished) iPhone to come in. He has already located about 20 'apps' including The Bible! *How Cool is That!*

On to the Digi-ness...I just signed up for Jessica Sprague's Type+Writer class. It's true-I love to make visually impactful scrapbooking layouts--but when it comes to adding the journaling to the page to tell the story I suddenly have a creative block. I am hoping that by taking this course I will unlock the stories to go with my pages.

I am having a hard time getting to Photoshop to install for some reason... BUT I will get there.