Birthday Boy

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jacob turns 16 this week. Wow! SIXTEEN... Let's review a few photos:

2000- 7 years old -Happy Camper! Party at Peter Piper Pizza! That's Matt Effland there on the right!
2001- 8 years old Awesome Sleepover Party. This was the year we earned the 3 room tent selling scouting popcorn, so we had a campfire complete with s'mores and bunches of friends.
2004- 11 years old- Our neighbor Rojit and Joshua were in attendance. Jake got to decorate his own cake with various candies--gummy worms, red hots, etc.

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This was 2007. The 'not so thrilled' look on his face is due to the fact that he found out on his birthday that he was going to have surgery on his foot. Notice that he lit his own candles--He was 14.

*Sigh* They grow up so fast. Stay tuned for for his 16th birthday pics!