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Friday, December 18, 2009

"What am I, 3?"

This is the first line of Caleb's Newspaper article in the PHS newspaper this month concerning the school's 'Tardy Tank' in which students are compelled to sit in the cafeteria for the entire class period--missing the important information being taught during that time. In another article, he wrote about his experience attending college citing the differences such as-- the teachers won't track you down if you miss class or don't turn in your work.

I am laughing so hard because Caleb's transition to manhood is in FULL force! He has worked very hard this year to make his straight A's and it is the first time I have really seen him truly achieve by diligently studying. --Just in time for college.

Since he has been attending college 2 nights a week and driving himself everywhere he is now starting to appreciate the difference in how high schoolers are treated versus college students. He has always been 'independent', but his new sense of freedom and responsibility gives him a whole new perspective.

It is amazing to watch this season of his life and how much he has changed over the past 6 months. His aspirations to be taken seriously and to be treated as a mature young adult are slowly coming to fruition and I couldn't be prouder!