Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A phenomenon has occurred this week with both of my older two boys. It is a sign that parents hope for, but somehow it caught me off guard that it is happening so soon.


First- Caleb and I test drove two cars--one of which had 4 doors, power windows and door locks And an Awesome stereo system that has a connection for the iPhone And a remote! The other car was a 2-door car with manual windows, door locks, and a plain radio and Cassette deck. The first car had 153K miles and the 2nd one had 71K miles. I would have thought that the stereo, power locks and windows would've appealed more to Caleb-- but he said that of the two he would like to get the 2 door because it had less miles and would last longer!!

Second- Jacob called Caleb to come get him and bring him home because he was bored and no longer interested in spending all night playing video games when he knew he had football practice the next day.

This is SO awesome that my boys are making these mature decisions!

**I am so proud****