Sunday, February 27, 2011

I made a discovery this week.
I was so frustrated with working my butt off in the gym and seeing slow results I decided it was time to reread my Biggest Loser book and Whatdya know! Just by changing my eating plan to include more fresh fruits and veggies and remove the "lean cuisine" that I had been having for lunch, AND making my dinners lighter Tada! I went from 212 to 205 this week! AMAZING! I feel so awesome and my jeans are definitely looser.

It had to be all that sodium in the lean cuisines- eh?! Well, it's really encouraging me to stay on track. Speaking of track- I'll be going to the Lake Pflugerville 3 mile trail today to get my 'Big Run' in for the week. I'm hoping to get a yoga class in tomorrow to stretch and recover.

Musically- I am finding the songs that have the right beats per minute and the right combination of inspiration to give me a mental kick:

Phil Collins: I can't stop loving you
Phillips Craig Dean: Revelation Song
Bonnie Tyler: Hero
The Proclaimers: 500 miles
Def Leppard: Pour some Sugar on Me
Mercy Me: Beautiful
Toby Mac: Get back up
Avalon: Everything to Me

What's on your workout playlist?