Friday, July 25, 2008

Quest Was Awesome!!!

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming--work.

I need about a week to just recap and recover and edit photos and video and process Quest this year. It was phenomenal.

I am so blessed by the love of the kids and their sweet, unconditional love. The team building and encouragement activities we did were spectacular. I finally "Blobbed" and had a great time hanging with Cio--yes, THE Cio :D

Here are a few pics:

Baptism on Wednesday Morning

Jakobie and Drew

Last Day --Group Pictures


Caleb on Keys

For those of you who want to download a group photo-- here are the links:
Quest Group 1
Quest Group 2
(Right Click and "Save Target as" to download the photo or just open it up in your browser and right click it and save it.)

I'll post more on Picasa Soon ---Make sure to look for the AWESOME Quest RECAP Video Coming Soon!