Yummy Amy Butler

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A new discovery... I get emails from Cosmo Cricket and one thing led to another and VOILA! I'm in LOVE with Amy Butler Fabrics! I have been eyeing them on EBay and you can buy patterns and even kits! I'm currently resisting the temptation to buy some and make myself a bag---as we all know, I have a VERY limited amount of free time, so it's somewhat impractical to even consider having time to sew myself a new bag....BUT they are Sooo YUMMY!

Click Here to see a Buffet of Yummy Amy Butler Inspirations

Aaargh! Well, so you all know what I want for my bday then, right LOL :D

I'll just have to droooool for now-but the next time I'm taking a few days off to relax I'm going to make myself one of the Birdie Sling Bags!