My Mary Janes

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So, I did less than wonderful on an exam today. This is seriously the most irate I have been in probably 16, maybe since the last time I was the only tech on duty and there were 4 c-sections and like 4 deliveries and a D/C...but that's another story! (I was irate b/c I ran out of time to study and due to a misunderstanding he didn't wake me up when he woke up...)

Anyway, my hubby got me these awesome Mary Janes at Kohl's to console me. He is so wonderful...and he knows me so well! We went for a late lunch to Chick-fil-A, chatted in a sunny booth over waffle fries and a brownie -a-la-mode. Then he surprised me by stopping at Kohl's and pulled out a gift card he had been saving!

Needless to say (although I still have to take the retest, which is ALL essay) I feel better right now.