Thursday, April 30, 2009

I worked out with Kim after work yesterday. I did interval training and actually jogged for 11 minutes at 5.0 rate and some 6.0 rate! I need to create a playlist that does moderate tempo for 10 minutes and then a high energy set for 10 and then another walking tempo.

I think it will be good to alternate workingout with Kim with working out on my own at 24 hour fitness.
The roughest parts are that my feet KILL me at the end of the workout and the next day AND that I don't get home until really late and I don't have ANY energy left for my husband or my family.

I am so pumped that I weighed 196.8 this morning! I have been vascillating between 198 and 197 for several days(about a week I think) and so now that I am increasing my exercise level I am confident that I will be able to continue the descent. I have adjusted my goal for this week to be 195 by Sunday instead of the 192 that I thought I was going to be.

I let myself just sit and do nothing on Monday. I really need to go workout first thing when I'm off for the day and not let myself sit all day on the computer.

I am also determined to get a handle on this menu planning without breaking the bank. I don't think I will totally be able to use the auto generated menus here on this site because of the variety of the meals. It is really impractical to buy groceries for that many diverse meals for a family of 5.