Sunday, May 3, 2009

I went to the Efflands for dinner last night and was concerned about the menu. We had sausage wraps, watermelon, potato salad, coleslaw and chocolate silk frozen pies for dinner! I was very apprehensive about the menu and eating late, but I had 2 sausage wraps--1 without a tortilla, about 2 tbsp of potato salad, and a piece of watermelon. For desert I had 2 slivers of chocolate yummy goodness and this morning I am at 196!!!!! Praise God!

I got called in to work, so I will have to work out after and get groceries late tonight.

My legs are still Mega sore from my workout Thursday. I know, I know--I need to work out to get the lactic acid out. I will do that today!

I am so excited to see progress in the way I look and feel and the scale!