It Fits!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I just put on my "Grey's Anatomy" Scrubs I bought a year ago but haven't been able to wear. I put them on about a month ago just to see where I was at and wasn't even close. I managed to wear them to work last week, but was grateful that I wear a gown over them most of the day-still a tad too tight.

They are actually just right today! Looser around the middle and butt! It's so exciting and rewarding to see the work paying off.

I have taken my "Biggest Loser" Fitness book with me to the gym the last 2 times to follow the exercises and make sure to do them right. It makes me a little uneasy...but why do I care what total strangers think? I dunno, but I did it anyway.

It sure does help the motivation factor when your muscles ache and your feet burn to be able to get yourself back to the gym when you're seeing progress both in the inches department and on the scale!

I still have a long road to go, but at least one mile of it has been overcome!