Mother's Day Flowers

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yay! My Clematis are blooming!
When I first planted this clematis it didn't grow right away, in fact, we didn't even see it for the 1st 2 years! God used this plant to give me hope for my children one day in the middle of some tough teenage antics. I had just dropped each one off at their schools and I remember that we had lots of head butting that morning.

I was feeling down and feeling like I was not a good Mom and that my kids were not learning the lessons I had tried to teach them about who the Lord wants them to be. As I pulled in to my driveway I saw it--A brilliant burst of purple, ONE bloom poking its head out from behind the bush. The Holy Spirit spoke volumes to my heart that day. He was conveying to me that it's my job to plant the seeds and that He is faithful to provide the sun and the rain for their hearts and minds--that it's not solely up to me--and I will see the beauty grow. I received so much encouragement from that little vine that day and now, every Spring more and more blooms develop even more beautiful than the previous year. I thank the Lord for that reminder. I love that this year my clematis bloomed 2 days before Mother's Day--reminding me that God made me a mother and He is in control!

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