Sunday, May 24, 2009

2 lbs. Well, not bad...considering how busy this week has been. I worked my butt off at the beginning of it and then got messed up for the remaining 3 days (as far as exercising). It feels great to be close to finally be leaving the 190's.


I was discussing will power with Bob this morning and I tell myself

"It's only food. I have the rest of my life to taste it. Right now, to reach my goals this year I can go without that taste and WITHOUT the frustration of seeing the scale go up!"

According to my chart on the Biggest Loser Club website, my original BMI was 36.4 "Obese" range. Now, I am at 32.6. My goal is a BMI of 22

My goal for this week--May 24-30 is to lose 3 lbs. and get 4 workouts in. This will be a challenge since I'm planning to spend a LOT of time on my computer finishing up 3 videos and Thursday is my sister's birthday :)...

On another note--Jacob has lost 17 lbs. and is at 333 on HIS quest to reach 300! AND Bob has decided that he's ready to work out at the gym! He is down to 280 and determined to get down to 260!

I am so excited that our entire family is motivated to get healthy!