Feel the Burn

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ouch Ouch Ouch. My shoulder will not let me forget that I had a good workout today! I am being very careful and methodical to have correct positioning when I do anything with my right arm at the gym. I do NOT want to send myself back to the doctor! However...I do need to remember to take the ibuprofen before I go. I may need to sit up against some ice tonight.

I really hope my new lens is coming in the mail today or tomorrow! My niece's birthday party is Saturday and I'm hoping to catch some good shots!

Well, we're NOT going to be able to see D.C. this summer as we had planned. I put in my leave request at work and it was denied because another tech had already requested that time slot. I resubmitted it and we will be leaving July 22 for Williamsburg, VA to visit Bob's friend Sherry and her family, then to New Jersey to visit the Statue of Liberty and say hi to the Story family in New York. From there we will head up to Buffalo to visit the Leubners and go see Niagara Falls on the USA side, then to Auburn to see Bob's family and have a family bonfire night and play cards and hang out. On our trip home from New York we will make a stop in West Virginia to see Jeremy and Emily Carpenter in their new home and THEN for the finale we will spend a couple of days chillin' on the beach at Myrtle Beach with Jenny and Orion!

That is a LOT of stops in a lot of different places! AND A LOT of Family to catch up with! My head will be spinning--but in a Good way :)

What are your vacation plans for the summer?