Mother's Day Dinner

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grrrrr... I finally hit 193 on Sunday and was good all day:
1 cup shredded wheat, 1 cup nonfat milk for breakfast
Orange for snack
Turkey wrap (whole wheat) for lunch
and even worked out! Jake went with me to 24 hour fitness and we did our Biggest Loser workout :)

The guys took me out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I had sparingly ate 2 cheese fries --that is "2 fries" not 2 servings of fries, 2 yummy melt in your mouth rolls and 1/2 of a steak kabob, a few pieces of steamed broccoli. So....Monday morning BAM! I'm 196! Hate that!

So, I ate right yesterday and I'm down to 195 again...and I'm spending an additional week making up for the 2 rolls and 2 cheese fries on Sunday :( It's so maddening!

Anyone else experience this? I know that I am still going to continue losing, it's just so frustrating to go backwards with such effort!